The Eight Steps to the Way of the Human

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This wheel is a simplistic guide to the steps that are required, from our perspective, to walk the path of the Human – a perspective that is both ancient and mirrored by contemporary understandings. It is based upon the twenty count wheel, and forms the foundation of some of the courses we run, from which we explore the many facets of the human being.

As we have already pointed out, the Way of the Human is a high state of conscious awareness and is not limited by old beliefs and ‘ordinary’ ways of seeing things. But, because we are so conditioned from birth by the societies that have nurtured us, it can be all too easy to slip back into the more closed states of mind that are common in our busy 21st Century Lives. Therefore, to find and then stay on this path requires a continual waking up, time and time again, moment by moment. This is the first of the eight steps to the Way of the Human…

Click on the interactive image above to view the eight steps wheel you can click on the coloured spheres for more detailed information on each step.

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Step1, Wake Up!:

It’s time to smell the coffee and break through the limitations of the old paradigm.

The challenge begins as we confront our ordinary awareness of ‘what is’ and dare to look beyond the veil of our beliefs, attitudes and opinions! This step awakens us to our true potential and is a moment of expansion for our minds – it could be our “first step into a much wider world!”.

Step 2, Stay Present:

Stay with it! This moment is all important.

You’ve caught a glimpse of the path ahead – a potentially exciting voyage of discovery to something new (about you!). Are you able to stay fully present with it in the moment, long enough to ground it into your experience. Or, will the busyness of the day draw you away?

Step 3, Explore:

Allow the trust and curiosity of your inner guide to lead you on an exploration of Self.

It’s the grandest of adventures which philosophers, teachers and seekers alike have revered since time immemorial. So, work with your fears, as there’s a wonderful world out there, and there’s also a wonderful world inside you too – they’re both related.

Step 4, Remember:

When moving forward it can be helpful to know where we have been.

If we lose our way, or stray from the path we need a way of getting back on track – a way of re-membering the true nature of who we are and where we have come from. Like Hansel and Gretel it can be useful to have a breadcrumb trail to guide us back ‘home’. During this step we begin to discover who we really are, we discover our true purpose for being on ‘the journey’ which in turn lights the Way forward.

Step 5, Nurture:

We live in a society where often to care for the Self first is considered a selfish act!

But how can we fully give to others if we don’t truly care for the Self? In this step we ensure that the structures and tools that assist us on our journey (such as eating the right food, ensuring a good sleep cycle or the breadcrumbs example previously mentioned) are properly and regularly maintained, thus ensuring that we (and Life) can continue.

Step 6, Dream:

There is a rhythm and a rhyme to the universe, a logical sequence that relates and interconnects all of Life.

This principle of cause and affect cannot be avoided!

Here, we become mindful of how our every thought, word and action has an affect, and of how we are also affected by Life in each moment. Through this relationship we are given the opportunity to learn – but only if our minds are open. When we think we have the answers, or come to the conclusion that we know it all, our minds close down and the adventure ends here!

The first people had questions, and they were free. The second people had answers, and they became enslaved.
Wind Eagle & Rainbow Hawk
Ask yourself, “what am I experiencing right now?” and “what can I learn from this experience?” From an Earth Medicine perspective, nothing happens by accident!

Step 7, Breathe:

“There is a difference between knowing the path, and walking the path” – the Matrix.

As we inhale we align with a deeper wisdom. As we exhale we have the opportunity to breathe life into our dreams and walk our talk. By putting into action what we have learned we can truly transform our notion of who and what we are.

Step 8, Become:

The transformation continues.

We begin to really integrate our life experience and become able to measure who and what we are in any given moment. We start to ‘realize’ this authentic way of being Human! And there’s a powerful measure for this naturally occurring phenomenon – HAPPINESS!

The centre of the eight steps wheel, The Way of the Human.

The difference with this kind of journey (and why the journey to discover the Self is the journey of all journeys) is that there is no final destination, but the journey itself! These eight simple steps form a spiralling path that continues ad infinitum. Each time we travel the wheel we peel another layer of the onion skin away and reveal the new ‘truth’ of who we are – our new definition of what we call ‘reality’. This path, fully awake in each moment, is the Way of the Human.

You can, if you choose, download the above image of the Eight Steps Wheel (see details below) and print it off to be used as a reminder (or anchor) of what is needed in each moment. It can be used to trigger insights and understandings gained from studying the 20 Count and it’s related teachings.

To download the Eight Steps Wheel: simply click on the above image to expand it and then ‘right click’ on the background wheel and ‘save as’. We will at some point create a higher resolution PDF file for printing.

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