We offer a range of courses (check out our programmes we are currently offering here), all of which are geared towards awakening and fostering the state of the realized Human Being – from our perspective.

It would be good to see our introductory pages if you are new to this site and learn more about the concept of the Way of the Human.

Why attend a Way of the Human Programme?: there are many other coaching and personal development programmes out there!

Well, what makes Way of the Human trainings different (or our USP if you will ūüėȬ†) is that they are holistic. I don’t mean holistic as in¬†woolly,¬†fluffy or of no tangible use (my fantasy regarding how the word can be perceived in certain circles) but rather as complete and whole in the way the teachings, concepts and practices are all held and drawn together. This enables one to address all aspects and perspectives of the human condition.

See also the benefits and methods pages for more information.

Accessibility: we want our training programmes to be as accessible as possible…

Part of our vision, that drives Way of the Human, is of making these life affirming (and life changing) teachings available to as many people as possible. The Human race needs them (along with other bodies of wisdom found world wide), and our environment which we are a part of most certainly needs us to ‘get’ them! So, it is a balancing act that we must walk with utmost discretion in order to honour the needs of the people AND to respect the integrity of the source of the teachings – both in the selection of which teachings to share and in the way that they are delivered and supported.

Your background:

The principles and practices that Way of the Human courses are founded upon do not require you to be from any particular faith, religion or tradition Рthey simply require an open mind and the courage to suspend judgement as you break through old beliefs into new and previously uncharted (or forgotten) territories Рexciting stuff!

Stepping Stones:

To make the teachings more accessible we are offering three options regarding the Way of the Human Eight-Steps Journey. These range from a bi-monthly ten-weekend training programme to a ten-month, purely on-line training (the latter still requires the attendance of an introductory day).


Not only will we be running courses (and introductory days) in the South West of England, we will also be running events from the Midlands which we hope will make travelling easier, especially for those of you in the North of the country. If you find that there is an event you are interested in but travelling is prohibitive, fill out our Event Interest Form¬†– if we can get enough support in your area we’ll come to you.


We don’t want to exclude anyone from our events purely because of finances and will always do our best to include you if finding the money is an issue (visit our bursary fund page for details on possible funding). It may be possible for us to accept payments in¬†instalments¬†if necessary and, if you have a skill or service you could offer us, we may also consider this as an exchange if it is practical to do so.

However, it is important that the teachings, the time and commitment of our guides, and any training expenses are honoured, so we can only consider concessionary rates and exchanges once these needs have been met (by a required number of fully paid places being filled).

Also, if you are considering applying for a concession it is worth noting this well-documented observation:  

The more (time, energy/effort, money etc) you 'invest' in a project, the more likely it will be that you follow through and attain the desired outcome!

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