The Community Learning Journey

Structure: Four weekends over ???.

The Community Learning Journey is designed for either people living together in intentional communities, or groups of individuls who live in close geographical proximity to one another.

It is an adaptation of the Way of the Human: The Journey (see above) but part of the focus is given to tools that benefit close community groups. For any vital and functional group of people it is essential that at the core are individuals who take responsibility for their actions, and authoring their lives, who are committed to the group process. This is why tools for individuals and Self-development are so important in this programme.

One core tool is the ‘Council Wheel’. This is an excellent device for drawing the collective wisdom from the people in a way that addresses the different perspectives of a particular issue or question. It is a truly democratic process that engages, and truly ‘hears’ the voices and viewpoints of all concerned. It is also intended for decision making and can be used by individuals as well as groups.

Tools will include those for…

  • Self-knowledge and personal development (on an individual level)
  • team building and group rapport
  • wisdom gathering and decision making
  • conflict resolution
  • effective group communication

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