In a nutshell…

Antony CholertonAntony has studied both contemporary and indigenous disciplines for evoking positive, life-enhancing changes within individuals and community groups. He qualified as a practitioner of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) in 1997 whilst also studying the basics of hypnotherapy. Antony has been proactively studying Earth Wisdom teachings (or Medicine as it is known) since 1998 and more specifically the Delicate Lodge tradition since 2004 (an ancient tradition that flourished during Mayan & pre Mayan times which has since influenced cultures world wide). Antony is a Council Guide and has been authorised to guide groups of people in the use of the Council Wheel – a powerful tool used both for wisdom gathering and decision making.  He is also authorised to share other life enhancing tools from the Delicate Lodge teachings.

Antony previously studied to be a micro-electonics engineer (briefly working for Smiths Aerospace) and holds a BSc Hons in Ocean Science (Oceanography, meteorology, climatology… basically lots of ologies!). He currently holds a green belt in Taekwondo and works as a freelance web developer and web/graphic designer. However, more and more he is shifting his focus towards sharing mind expanding ( or mind-freeing ) teachings and techniques.

He, as you can see, has three beautiful children.

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