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A path to health & happiness in the 21st Century – a contemporary approach to ancient indigenous wisdom teachings.

Way of the Human LogoWay of the Human is actually several things: from a high state of conscious awareness to an online network of like minded people.

The Way of the Human website and our training programmes offer insights and perspectives regarding this state and the questions raised in the box below. By addressing these issues we open ourselves up to a much broader mindset, one that can quite literally free our minds. This is a positive process for the individual and one that is completely relevant to our 21st century lives. I personally would go a step further and say that this process (whatever the tradition, science or life path that catalyzes it) is essential, not just for ourselves but for the health, wealth and vitality of our future generations and the environment that we are all a part of.

Less than 10% of what we ‘see’ actually comes from our senses! (Check out Beau Lottos video on optical illusions).
If this is true, you might ask “so where does the other 90% come from, and what ‘control’ do ‘I’ have over it?”
During your visit here we invite you to suspend judgement, open your mind and hold these fundamental questions…
 What is my ‘reality’?

How can I become more aware of it?

How can I then respond to it in a way that brings fulfilment, purpose and a sense of well-being to my life experience?


Pages we recommend you visit first

To learn more about Way of the Human, and how it can benefit you, we recommend you visit certain pages first…

  • What is it?: this page outlines the different aspects of the Way of the Human.
  • What are the benefits?: this page lists some of the benefits of training with Way of the Human (located in our ‘Training’ section).
  • What am I?: this page takes a closer look at the more common condition of the 21st Century Human, and the alternatives to it.
  • The eight steps: this page introduces our concept of eight steps to walking the Way of the Human.

 Please note: the tab at the bottom right of every screen, entitled “Way of the Human: Your first visit?”, includes a list of the links to our recommended pages – you can click on this at any time, from any page.

From there on you can learn more about us from the other pages under the ‘Way of the Human’ and ‘Discover More’ sections or you can browse the ‘Training’ section for training programmes that we are currently offering.

Our site also holds a repository of articles that you may find interesting (mind expanding) in the Blog section.

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