What is Vision Quest?

Vision Quest is an ancient process of revealing one’s life purpose through deepening our contact with the true nature of Self, and all of Life.

“…the singularly most important and life changing event though, and central to my journey as a whole was my Vision Quest in 2004. This was, I think, the first time in my life that I felt truly alive and wholly myself…” – Stephen, Maidstone.

As mentioned in our trainings section, in order to reveal the true nature of Self it is highly beneficial to spend quality time out in nature. This is especially relevant to us 21st century humans who are immersed in busyness from the moment we wake – often spending much of our time interacting (and maybe distracted!) with one form of technology or another – and I’m speaking from my own experience here as a web developer! It can be a profoundly restorative and healing process to spend time alone in nature.

Often it is a challenge to make the time for this, and if we do, what structures are we able to put in place so that it is completely undisturbed, quality time?

Before questing it is important to prepare oneself mentally and physically. One needs to make a strong commitment to the process to be able to let go (at least temporarily) of the distractions, duties and responsibilities of our daily lives.

We are currently offering both one-day and three-day Vision Quests in an area of beautiful ancient woodland near Holsworthy, North Devon. Each quest also includes a couple of days for preparation and integration.

The vision quests are run by Carlos, and supported by Antony. Carlos Glover has been holding Vision Quests since 1993 and has been on numerous quests himself. He has trained with Ehama Institue, New Mexico, and with other teachers.

For more information contact Carlos or see our events section for current dates. If you are interested in Vision Quest but can’t make the dates please fill in our Event Interest Form to let us know that you’re interested.

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