Carlos GloverAfter traveling in South and North America, Europe, Egypt and India, I explored many different paths of self-growth. The path that sings to me most sweetly has been Earth Wisdom, and I have been following it since 1986 expanding my understanding and practice of this way ever since. I foresee continuing my training for the rest of this lifetime and take pleasure in offering these teachings to all who are open to them. I have completed a cycle of six Drum Dances and four Sun-Moon Dances with Beautiful Painted Arrow and have also been a long term student of Ki-Aikido, counseling and therapy.

I am in training with the Ehama Institute of California and am committed to bringing Earth Wisdom teachings into the world. I am deeply fulfilled by this work, by seeing people emerge from their quest more deeply connected to Self, Life and the Universe.

I live in Rattery, Devon, with my wife and two children.

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