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The Children’s Fire by Tim Macartney

Please watch this video of Tim Macartney delivering an emotive talk on the Children's Fire at QI Global. Continue reading   ConsciousnessEarth MedicineInspirations

Checker Shadow Optical Illusion

This optical illusion is very similar to the by Beau Lotto. It just proves that what we ‘see’ can be … Continue reading   ConsciousnessIllusions

Is Seeing Believing?

A top ranked motivational video from Ted Talks. Beau Lotto challenges the nature of what we call reality and demonstrates just how little of what we perceive actually comes directly from our senses! Continue reading   ConsciousnessInspirations

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Follow us, but don’t ‘follow’ us!

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, but whatever you do, don't 'follow' us! Continue reading   News

Back from Falmouth

Just got back from the Falmouth Mind Body Spirit Festival... Continue reading   News

The ball is now rolling!

We've at last began to let the world know about the Way of the Human website. On one level it feels well overdue, but on another it's just perfect! Continue reading   News

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