Discuss the meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything – over a warm cup of coffee!

Join us, in a cafe near you, for an informal discussion around the question of, what is reality?

Together we will begin to open up what the true nature of reality may be, what it is to be a Human Being in this reality and how we may lead aware, purposefull and fulfilled lives amidst the day to day pressures of the 21st century.

That’s all!! ;-). We look forward to it.

How to setup a Cafe Chat in your area.

We are running ‘Cafe Chat’ events across the UK (see our events section) and if you would like us to come to a cafe near you please read the following pointers and do get in touch.

  • Send us the contact details of your preferred local cafes and we’ll make arrangements with the venue.
  • Let us know what timing would work well for you – it’d be a shame if we set-up a session near you that you couldn’t actually make!
  • What we’ll do is set-up a series of sessions that work well for both us and the Cafe. We will determine the maximum number of people that can attend each chat session, aiming for a series of small intimate gatherings (where people can speak and be heard – should they wish) rather than one large group.
  • The session will be advertised by the venue (we’ll send posters) and also by us via our website. It would also be great if you could help us distribute flyers/posters in your area.
  • The end goal, is to generate enough interest to be able to hold a longer, larger group session, in a venue (such as a village hall, community centre etc) near you – where we can then begin to share practical,  life-enhancing, mind-expanding tools, techniques and understandings.

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