The purpose of the Way of the Human is to help facilitate the breaking free of the human genius – to assist in the freeing of our mind(s).  And….

  • To care for and protect the diversity of life both in the human race and our natural environment.
  • To stand for the rights of, and to assist, individuals…
    • in leading unique, purposeful, happy and healthy lives.
    • to be seen as equals amongst the people (by ‘equal’ we do not mean, ‘to be the same’).
    • to be free and not be at the affect of any form of oppression, whether self-inflicted or otherwise.
  • To support the co-creation of societies where the perspectives of all the people are truly heard – true democracy!
  • To assist local community groups and intentional communities in developing strategies for harmonious living, conflict resolution and decision making.

We are driven by the perspective that conflict (whether domestic, regional or international) and environmental degradation (from dropping rubbish in the street to the deforestation of the rainforests) are not events that simply occur due to uncontrollable processes that are ‘out there’ somewhere, but are actually the symptoms of our own human inner madness. Therefore there is hope for us, and together we CAN make a difference!

To assist us in taking action regarding the above, please donate…

 Thank You.

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