You speak of a particular ‘way’ of being Human. If so, then who, and what, am I?

Well you’re a Human Being of course! When we speak of a ‘way’ of being human, we are referring to a perspective which recognises that to be Human, in it’s fullest and most realised sense, goes way beyond what we have learned to accept as our everyday ‘reality’ – our daily routines, beliefs, emotions and behaviours. It is a pathway that unlocks aspects of Self that transcend our ordinary experience and capabilities.

Are you saying that I can have super powers?

Well not exactly – but then that depends on what you consider to be ‘super’ ;-). Amongst other non-ordinary aspects of the Human, we are referring to the ability to be efficient in all that we do, to be able to take true command of our lives (and not fall victim to them) and become the healthiest, happiest, most exemplary and purposeful individuals that we possibly can be – no matter what our external circumstances.

To be free, or to be enslaved – that is the question! So, what is your Present Condition?

Again, this is a generalisation about you – a fantasy if you will. But, there’s a very good chance that your present condition (your current state of mind, body and emotions) is one of a largely unconscious, reactionary state – a state where one goes around in circles recreating the same old patterns and behaviours which, in turn, give rise to the same old outcomes that one has become accustomed to from life experience.

This does not mean that we are bad, unworthy or somehow wrong! In fact, in each moment, each one of us does the best that we possibly can no matter what it is that we are doing! We are perfect just as we are…

…and, things can change!
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As Humans, it is very easy to fall into this pattern to some degree – in fact it’s quite normal for us to follow this pattern if we don’t know any different, and if we haven’t been given the appropriate set of tools of awareness and focus. Once we have the tools, we become alert to this otherwise unconscious cycle, and from there we can begin to create conscious change in our lives.

Next we begin to open up our eight steps to walking the Way of the Human.

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The Same Old!

We’ve all been here before! Taking this path re-creates the same set of outcomes we have been used to in life and re-affirms our existing beliefs and strategies that we currently hold for ourselves. And that’s great if this is part of a conscious action to either generate a new habit or maintain an existing discipline/capability that one genuinely needs. It’s when we choose this path unconsciously, which is commonly the case, that it becomes a challenge to our individual growth and ultimately our health and happiness.

Each day we have tens of thousands of thoughts and, incredibly, scientists believe that around 95% of these are the same thoughts that we had earlier today, yesterday, last week, last year… 


Change is often something that we tend to fear and yet, paradoxically, it is the only true constant in the universe! With change comes newness and revitalisation – the universe and Life itself cannot exist, let alone thrive, without it. The ‘same old’ routines and behaviours are a comparatively dull, lifeless and unconscious expression of what it is to be human.

When we create change in our lives, we know it, as the newness and vitality of change manifests in us humans as happiness!


When we are at cause of our emotions and not at affect – we are able to respond. From this perspective responsibility is measured as the ability to respond.

It is at this moment that we need to Wake Up! (the first step of our eight steps wheel) and break the unconscious cycle. For some, simply reading this article and becoming aware of this unconscious cycle for the first time may be the impetus required to begin waking up. But to wake up again and again and again will require you to remember to wake up. Maybe you could set a reminder on your phone, watch, pc etc, or even leave notes at key locations around the house.

Waking up though, as with all of the steps on the eight steps wheel, are just the beginning and go much deeper than the simple statements may suggest. To wake up for example means much more than simply waking up to this cycle – though it’s a great start. It’s a reminder to wake up to the true nature of who you are as a Human Being. It is this expanded concept of Self that enables you to Create in each moment – to be truly awake.


When we face diversity it can be a firghtening thing…

When we are at affect of our emotions and not able to break free from our conditioned behaviours – we react unconsciously to that which confronts us. It is impossible to break free from our ordinary, every day behaviours and therefore create more of the same reality that we are used to.


In each and every moment we make a choice – either to unconsciously react to what confronts us, or to consciously respond  – the latter brings with it true choice. But this can be a chicken-in-the-egg situation – how can we possibly respond, and choose, if we are unaware of this choice in the first place? This, is where knowledge is power!

Our unconscious reactions are governed by our book of rules (see section on the Brain and body), and the subsequent emotional responses and conditioned behaviours. They are applied to our current circumstances with little knowledge of the process as it occurs and ultimately result in the ‘same old’ set of outcomes.

We need to wake up and become aware of this process as forewarned is forearmed. We can then, may be with considerable effort at first, begin to break free from the unconscious cycles and emotional addictions of our brain and body. When we are able to escape these limitations created by our beliefs and fears, our scope of response increases exponentially and we are able to truly choose.

Your Reality

Because of the filtering of our senses and the further manipulation by our brains, what we actually perceive as reality in any given moment can be very different indeed to the perceptual reality of our senses and the ‘external’ truth of what is.

It is in the knowing of this truth, and the human processes that interact with it, that modern science and indigenous wisdom teachings are now converging.

Did you know that some scientists now believe that less than 10% of what we ‘see’ actually comes directly from our eyes!

Check out Beau Lotto's video for an insight as to why this may be the case.

Brain & Body Chemistry

The Brain, and the chemistry that results from our thoughts and behaviours, forms a deeper level of filtering and control regarding both what we perceive to be real and how we then interact with that reality.

From the moment we are born our brains begin to construct our own unique book of rules and regulations determining what is ‘good’ and ‘bad’, ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. Our book of rules is a reflection of our external world and much of what we learn in our formative youth is taken in unconditionally as fact. Our peers (such as parents, teachers, best friends, priest’s, and yes – even politicians!!) have a profound affect on the shaping of our inner landscapes.

This process can be useful to us in generating a map of the world and creating survival strategies as a young child, but if our book of rules is not reviewed by us as adults it can become the single biggest challenge to our future growth as a Human. It is this set of rules that everything we experience can be judged and subsequently limited by – most especially if we are unaware of it.

Whilst on the subject of beliefs and limitations it is important to mention here how restrictive language can be. Each one of us interprets every word (and the context in which they are taken) not necessarily just as the Oxford dictionary defines them, but as we have learned to understand them based upon our life experiences, beliefs and opinions. So, baring this in mind, there is a good chance that you may, at some point, feel challenged by the occasional word used in this website, even though we have gone to great length to neutralise the language! Remember though, as my mum used to say, “don’t throw the baby out with the bath water!”.

Scientists now also tell us that every thought we have causes the brain to create a series of proteins to be released which, in short, we can become addicted to! This is how habitual behaviours and patterns of thought can become established, many of which are unconscious. And, they can be changed!

An emotional reaction is a sequence of chemicals created by an unconscious thought!

Meta Information

By meta information I am referring to the plethora of information that doesn’t reach us via our five external senses. This includes biofeedback mechanisms within our bodies, but also the reception of ‘external’ information by means other than our conventional five senses (what many would term as extra sensory perception, or ESP). For example, scientists have discovered that the human heart can transmit and receive information including the emotional state of an individual.

“The heart’s magnetic component is about 5000 times stronger than the brain’s magnetic field and can be detected several feet away from the body.”
ROLLIN McCRATY, PhD, Director of Research of the Institute of HeartMath


Our five physical senses form the first line of filtering through the vast volumes of information that we are a part of. Our brains just wouldn’t be able to cope if we could see, hear, taste, smell and touch all that there is to sense.

To give an idea of just how much information we filter out just take the electromagnetic spectrum, or light, for example.

If the visible section of light spanned 3cm, the non-visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum would span around 30,000,000 km (that’s nearly the distance from Earth to Mars)!!

Sensory Information

In each moment we interact with a vast ocean of information, much of which we are completely unaware of apart from the odd glimpse during a science lesson or tv documentary. We connect with this ocean via our five senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch which, via our sense organs, then relay electrical signals to our brains.

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