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The Children’s Fire by Tim Macartney

Please watch this video of Tim Macartney delivering an emotive talk on the Children’s Fire at QI Global. Continue reading

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Inspirational Speech by Charlie Chaplin

An inspirational speech made by the late, great Charlie Chaplin. Continue reading

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Checker Shadow Optical Illusion

This optical illusion is very similar to the shadowed tiles illusion by Beau Lotto. It just proves that what we ‘see’ can be very different from our perceptual reality. Continue reading

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Painting with the raw energy of life!

The textured backgrounds of our website and posters come from one of the many beautiful, and inspiring, paintings created by Stewart Edmondson – a Devon artist who finds inspiration from the raw energies of life. Continue reading

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Is Seeing Believing?

A top ranked motivational video from Ted Talks. Beau Lotto challenges the nature of what we call reality and demonstrates just how little of what we perceive actually comes directly from our senses! Continue reading

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Cool Awareness Test

Test your awareness

Challenge your friends/kids and count how many times the people in white shirts catch the ball. This is a great test of your awareness and may challenge how certain you can be about what you are able to actually ‘see’ in any moment.

Continue reading

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Earth Medicine – Origins and FAQ’s

Earth Medicine, or Earth Wisdom, are labels for a way of being that brings the individual back into meaningful relationship with both the Self and the natural world which we are a part of. Continue reading

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The Human Body

Some amazing facts about our miraculous Human bodies… Continue reading

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Shadowed Tiles Illusion

Shadowed Tiles Illusion

This is a recreation of the shadowed tiles illusion as demonstrated on Beau lotto’s Seeing is Believing video. Continue reading

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Scintillating Grid Illusion

Grid and Dots Illusion

This is a Scintilating Grid Illusion. White dots have already been placed at the corners of each square but to the eye they seem to turn black for a moment when the eye is not focusing directly on them. Continue reading

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