All of the trainings that Way of the Human offer may lead, in varying levels, to the following benefits (and more) …

  • An increase in energy levels! show more ⇒ To keep up appearances and maintain our daily pretences ( we all do it ūüėČ ) can take a lot of effort. When we begin to know ourselves on a deeper, more profound level, we free up much of the energy that has been¬†locked away into maintaining these behaviours and the self-limiting¬†beliefs we accumulate along the way.
  • A feeling of wellbeing show more ⇒ ‘Wellbeing’ is becoming a popular catch-all phrase used in personal-development – definitions of which commonly refer to a state of happiness, health and prosperity. This state is usually experienced as a¬†centred¬†state of peace and calm. ¬†Also, ‘to prosper’ can be described as ‘to flourish’ – this is a good way of describing the state of the Human that we all can, and at some level want to be.
  • A calming appreciation of Life show more ⇒ When we are able to suspend judgement of ourselves, those around us and all that we are a part of, we are filled with this state of wellbeing (described above). We get the sense that everything will be OK – that everything is OK! ¬†
  • A sense of belonging show more ⇒ Through appreciation, we can develop a profound presence with life and open a doorway to a much larger world – a world full of possibilities. We feel more able to connect with other people and recognise that we are a vital part of the world we live in – that we are most definitely not separate from it.
  • A deeper sense of purpose show more ⇒ It’s a common experience in our society to replace any sense of direction that we may have had with the responsibilities, should do’s and must haves of our modern daily lives. It’s a wonderful feeling (and can come as a great relief!) to realise the perfection of all that has lead you to where you are right now, and how, with the appropriate perspective this realisation can guide you into a more purposeful and rewarding future. ¬†

These benefits (and many more) can assist us not only in our personal lives, but also in the workplace. They can help us to build our careers and adapt to changes such as promotion, pay-cut or redundancy. They can also assist businesses¬†in¬†tackling the increasing financial strains of absenteeism and the healthcare demands resulting from employees’ stress (and often depression) ¬†– symptoms that¬†commonly¬†occur from a ‘lack’ of ¬†the above mentioned human states. This is also a ‘dis-ease’ that is worsening due to our current economic climate.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the world we live in (and us) would not only benefit from the Human race waking up to itself, but now requires that it do so! And we can all do our part towards this, no matter what our tradition or scientific discipline – there is plenty of wisdom ‘out there’ (and ‘in here’) that can assist us. We can, as Mahatma Gandhi¬†famously said…

“be the change you want to see in the world”

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