So, what is Way of the Human?

Primarily, the ‘Way of the Human’ refers to a high state of conscious awareness, that is not limited by old beliefs or ‘ordinary’ ways of ‘seeing’.

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The concept of the ‘Way of the Human’  comprises four different aspects…

  1. a high state of awareness
  2. a training programme
  3. an interactive website
  4. a community/network

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It is important to note that there is no single ‘way’ to walk as the Human – to be truly awake in each moment.  All around the globe a diversity of pathways have emerged from the world’s ancient traditions and indigenous peoples. There is a consistency between them, each offering similar insights but wrapped in their own unique cultural styles and ways of ‘seeing’ life. With the advent of the internet and this golden era of sharing cultural ideas and wisdom, we are creating a wonderfully rich and diverse image of what it is to be human.

And, this is where it is good to be alert and develop our discernment. For whenever humans get involved, the ‘truth’ can become distorted by our beliefs, life experiences and subsequent assumptions – leading to ‘false stories’ about ourselves, our cultures and religions. At it’s extreme these differences can lead us to seeing ‘the other’ as wrong in some way, and ultimately into conflict.

But, it is these ‘differences’ between us that are of humanity’s greatest strengths and can be harnessed for the greater good when people are able to work together and face (and truly know) themselves – transforming any fears that may be held of our most remarkable and diverse heritage.

From here lets take a closer look at the common condition of the 21st Century human on our What Am I page.





A network…

A community/network of like minded people who have chosen to create choice in their lives.

As well as other training-related tools (see the  ‘A Website…’ window) we will also be creating a forum/social network for individuals to connect with one another. When one embarks on a journey of Self-discovery it is very important to be able to share the experience with other like-minded people – to glean fresh perspectives and receive human support when needed.

A state of awareness…

A natural state of high conscious awareness and Self-expression.

According to some indigenous wisdom traditions, the path of the true Human Being is to be Self-aware, alert and living life consciously, creating true Choice and able to respond to all that Life brings forward in each moment. Whilst in this natural state the human experiences happiness! It is this state of being that informs the values and purpose of the Way of the Human. You will find much more spoken of about this state in the posts and pages posted on this website.

The opposite of this awakened state was known as the way of the ‘two-legged’ – a phrase used by some Native Americans to describe the unawakened homo-sapian.

A website…

An interactive website/repository of information regarding this human condition.

This website is a resource for both casual readers and to those who have already attended Way of the Human programmes. Once you begin training with us we create a membership account that grants you extended access to this website and to more detailed information relevant to the teachings you have received. Other training-related web tools will also become available via this website.

A training programme…

A training programme designed to foster the true state of the Human.

We have developed a nine-part training programme that follows the sequence of the eight steps wheel. It introduces many protocols, practices and principles and equips both groups and individuals with the tools necessary for self-awareness and the ability to create positive, life-enhancing changes.

As well as the nine-part programme (called The Eight-Steps Journey), which is offered in three different formats, we also offer introductory days, weekends, and other related workshops.

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