The Twenty Count

Glyphs or Medicine Wheels

Symbols such as the Twenty Count are known today as glyphs or more specifically, Medicine Wheels. They are learning devices that, through the form of symbol and imagery ( interestingly, contemporary psychology now informs us that this is the very language that our brains use ), can provide rapid access to deep and holistically meaningful information regarding the universe and the Human condition.

The Twenty Count

The Twenty Count glyph is foundational to many of the perspectives shared via the Way of the Human website and training programmes. It is a circular design with twenty points upon it, where each one represents a specific qualitative aspect of the universe – of Life and of the Human. They may appear to be fixed points, but it is far from just a static image – it is dynamic and describes the interplay of forces that were present during the big bang and that continue to be present in each and every moment.

The Mayan Twenty Count

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The descriptions of the twenty points may appear simplistic and easily passed off as pure pagan superstition. But, to the trained mind, each one is a vast well of information that, like the layers of an onion, reveal more and more with continued study.

The Twenty Count (also know as the Sacred Twenty Count, or Earth Count) is an ancient symbol that was widely used in the Yukatan area of Central America during the Mayan and pre-Mayan times. The use of the Twenty Count migrated north, with the People, into North America and influenced cultures right across the continent. And right up to the present day it’s teachings have touched cultures world wide.

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