Way of the Human: The Eight Steps Journey

We are currently offering the main Way of the Human Eight-Steps Journey in two different formats:

  • Ten Monthly, Single-days. Supported by Way of the Human guides, your peers and a range of on-line tools.
  • On-line only (you are also required to attended an introductory day with us). A ten-month on-line training based on the Eight Steps with peer support, on-line tools and some on-line access to guides.

Introductory Days

These are prerequisites for our Eight Step programmes and an intro day is also necessary in order to attend our purely on-line journey. They can all be treated as a stand-alone workshop and you will not be obliged to continue on with any other training if you choose not to.

During our time together you will learn more about the Way of the Human, it’s vision and the ancient teachings which help to inform it’s perspectives. We will offer our take on the true nature of reality, and together, we will examine what it is to be a healthy, happy and whole Human being. We will then look at the practical steps we can all take towards achieving and maintaining this beneficial state of being.

The Eight Steps Journey

Structure: A course of ten individual days.

This programme follows the ‘Eight Steps Wheel’ and draws upon the foundational understandings of the Twenty Count. Each of the eight steps, though simplistically represented by a single word, are actually deep wells of understanding that speak to us both of the true nature of the universe, and of the Human condition.

The first day is an experiential introduction/overview of the programme and introduces some tools and concepts. Days two to nine each focus on one of the eight steps. The tenth day is a completion event where students have the opportunity to consolidate their journey so far and prepare themselves for the continued integration of the eight steps into their daily lives.

On-line Training

In our drive to make Way of the Human teachings more accessible we are designing a purely on-line training (attendance of an introductory day is required), which is again based upon the Eight Steps. The first training is due to begin early January 2012. It will comprise of nine live monthly on-line training sessions and will be supported by tools such as…

  • your own private journal – this enables you to record, collate and filter your insights and experiences accrued during your nine-month journey.
  • private forums for sharing insights and experiences with your fellow peers
  • private areas for sharing inspirational material
  • access to pre-recorded audio and video

This is not intended to replace face to face, on location trainings, but is to be used as a stepping stone towards a wider, and more conscious, mindset!


  • Tuition fees (on-location training): £50 per day.
  • On-line support: £5 per month for the location-based courses. For on-line only courses the fees are currently £20 per month.
  • Accommodation: This will vary depending on the venue, but you will usually have a choice between indoor accommodation and camping. See our individual events for options and pricing.
  • Food: For one-day events there is usually an option for bringing your own lunch. Again, the venue will determine the costs of catering. See our individual events for options and pricing.


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