On-line Journal

To assist individuals on our training programmes we are developing our own specialised and versatile online-journal. The journal is a powerful tool for anyone on a journey of Self-knowledge and Self-Mastery. We are approaching the testing phase of this tool so if you are interested in helping us to trial this please contact us via our contact form.

Web Design

Antony Cholerton, the founder of Way of the Human, is a professional web developer and currently specialises in developing WordPress websites. This is a very affordable route to take (starting from as little as £35!! – starter packages begin at £200) which is not only professional looking but highly adaptable, enabling you to create a rich and dynamic information resource, or simply a handful of professional looking web pages. As an example of how they can be adapted, the Way of the Human website is actually constructed using WordPress and uses much of WordPresses built-in functionality. One of the main benefits of WordPress is that it puts the power of the web into your hands – all content, media, pages and articles can be managed by yourself via an easy to use admin control panel. For more information visit jtreewebdesign.co.uk.

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