A stand-alone introductory day of a ten-part training programme that will explore the nature of reality and, from a life-affirming perspective, the nature of the Human Being.

The intro day will be held on the beautiful grounds of South Dornaford Farm

The intro/taster day (which will take place on 21st April at South Dornaford Farm in Devon) is an experiential workshop that is also the introductory day of our personal development programme. The programme is geared towards assisting individuals in becoming more self-aware and more able to meet, and respond to, the plethora of challenges in our modern day lives. The programme, importantly, is not just study-based and is largely experiential in its nature. The teachings are informed by an ancient indigenous wisdom that transcend traditional bounds, flourishing in many cultures along the way, including the Mayan civilisation of Central America. On Way of the Human training days, this wisdom is also mirrored and complemented by contemporary concepts, tools and techniques. The individual may benefit in a number of ways, often experiencing a heightened sense of well-being: happiness, health and a genuine sense of purpose in life.

What we will be covering on the day:

We will examine the concept of Self-Image and how the image that we carry of ourselves has powerful consequences as it ripples out into all aspects of our lives. We will explore an ancient map of the Self, a map that enables the observer to access the full spectrum of perspectives, and innate wisdom,  that are available to every human being. Using this map we will begin to build a list of our needs and wants in order to create a future image/goal to work towards. This is important work for creating change, and will especially come in useful for those who decide to continue on and attend the full programme.

All programme dates:

  1. Introduction – 21st April 2012
  2. Step 1, Wake Up! – awakening – 26th May 2012
  3. Step 2, Stay Present – opening – 23rd June 2012
  4. Step 3, Explore – transcending – 14th July 2012
  5. Step 4, Remember – remembering – 8th September 2012
  6. Step 5, Nurture – honouring – 13th October 2012
  7. Step 6, Dream – dreaming – 10th November 2012
  8. Step 7, Breathe – walking – 12th January 2013
  9. Step 8, Become – guarding – 9th February 2013
  10. Completion – 9th March 2013


  • Training fee: £50 per day
  • Online support: £5 per block/training day (if you decide to commit to the full programme).
  • Lunch: bring your own pack lunch or £6 to have the venue prepare a delicious cooked, vegetarian meal. “The lunch comprises either a hearty bowl of  vegetable soup accompanied by quiche, crusty bread and salad or a main veggie dish accompanied by a side dish depending on the weather.” (please let us know in advance if you would like to order lunch)

If you decide to commit to the full programme, either before or after the intro day, we will ask you to formulate a short statement of intent (we will explain how to do this). We ask this as a high level of commitment is expected from both participants and guides – exploring our true nature can be a challenging task, but well worth it!

Click here to learn more about the beautiful venue at South Dornaford Farm.

Click here to learn more about the Way of the Human Eight Steps Journey.

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If you still need more information or would like to talk with one of the guides you can contact us via our contact page.

You can also contact Antony on 07868 527090 but please note that he will be away on a deepening training in New Mexico between 22nd March and 6th April.

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