South Dornaford Farm

South Dornaford Farm is a beautiful venue near Okehampton, Devon where we will be running some of our intro/taster days here plus some of our longer term training programmes.
Situated in a beautiful wooded valley, with views of Dartmoor and its own trout river the retreat venue is at the heart of South Dornaford farm with its organic sheep and Ruby Red cattle herds, wild deer and plentiful wildlife.

You are free to explore (almost all of) the farm, and wander as your will takes you: run through the fields, sit on a fallen log, listen to a buzzard cry, watch the breeze blowing across the grass, hear it in the trees. Taste the blackberries and hedgerow damsons, smell the wild garlic, store away some hazelnuts. Notice the squirrel jumping from branch to branch, look for salmon and trout in the river, be bedazzled by the kingfishers, watch the dragonflies dance.

The Studio - the main indoor teaching space

A view to Dartmoor from South Dornaford

The Hayloft - one of the available rooms.

 “If the spirit of a venue is important to you then South Dornaford will certainly enhance your being with it’s natural earth energy and fresh clean air.”


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